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    Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development and manufacture of industrial conveying equipment since 1996, and has established a good win-win relationship with many customers at home and abroad for many years.

    Youyi Technology is committed to factory production system engineering, covering automated logistics transportation, storage and classification conveyor lines, robot application integration, IOT applications in the production process, remote digital SOP, some MES terminal functions, automated assembly line equipment for assembly, and cleaning for surface treatment , Painting/spraying equipment, mobile conveying equipment, positioning assembly system, etc.

    Automated specialty products: conveyor lines for explosion-proof special supplies, automated assembly lines, storage conveyor lines for the production of high and low temperature parts, assembly lines for power controller products, constant temperature testing lines, complete sets of industrial robots and special aircraft supporting equipment integration, vehicle assembly Complete set of automated assembly line equipment for production, assembly and test assembly line for home appliance industry, assembly line for construction machinery and agricultural machinery, complete set of assembly line equipment for smart home industry.

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Motorcycle assembly line

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