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  • Suitable: Tractor

  • Assembly lines for Tractor

  •     The tractor assembly line is composed of a tractor front and rear axle assembly line, a gearbox assembly line, a chassis assembly test painting line, a final assembly line, and an automated assembly line for tractor cab assembly. It is suitable for assembly and production of various wheeled tractors and crawler tractors. Automatic assembly line equipment suitable for the assembly and production of 30-250 horsepower agricultural tractors. 


Industry-specific automated production line

  • Suitable: Forklift

  • Assembly lines for Forklift

  •     The automated assembly line for forklift assembly and production uses buried plate chain conveyor lines with supporting tooling, which is suitable for assembly and production of fuel forklifts and electric forklifts.
    Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. fuel forklift assembly production line equipment, forklift assembly automation assembly line, suitable for fuel forklift, new energy electric forklift assembly production. The equipment consists of an automated conveying assembly line, conveying power, supporting tooling, peripheral auxiliary tools, electric control, etc.


  • Suitable: Harvester

  • Assembly lines for Harvester

  •     Harvester assembly line, wheat harvester assembly line, rice harvester production line, corn harvester automated assembly line. Harvester assembly line, ground conveyor, heavy-duty conveyor design, simple operation and use, and convenient maintenance.The buried plate chain conveyor line is equipped with peripheral auxiliary tools to realize continuous batch assembly and production of various types of harvesters. The equipment runs smoothly, has a wide range of applications, and can be compatible with the co-line production and assembly of other agricultural machinery.