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  • Suitable: Air conditioning

  • Assembly lines for Air conditioning

  •     Air-conditioning assembly line, air-energy heat pump production line, equipment consists of air-conditioning internal machine production line, air-conditioning external machine assembly line, etc., using continuous operation production, equipped with pipeline leak detection, vacuuming, refrigerant charging, automatic continuous commodity inspection, packaging and other lines. Household air-conditioning assembly line, commercial air-conditioning automated production line, heat pump automated assembly line


Household appliances Assembly lines

  • Suitable: Washing machine

  • Assembly lines for Washing machine

  •     Washing machine assembly line, washing machine automated assembly line, pulsator washing machine automated assembly line, drum washing machine assembly line. The washing machine production line consists of washing machine assembly line, aging test line, testing equipment, automatic packaging equipment, etc. Taizhou Youyi Technology Home Appliance Industry Automated Assembly Line, Washing Machine Production Line, Washing Machine Assembly Line Product range: pulsator washing machine (single cylinder, double cylinder and fully automatic), drum washing machine.


  • Suitable: Refrigerator

  • Assembly lines for Refrigerator

  •     Refrigerator assembly line and refrigerator assembly line are mainly composed of door shell pre-assembly line, cabinet pre-assembly line, final assembly line, vacuum ring line, inspection line, packing line and repair line, and also include jacking machines, packing machines and other types A special plane to jointly complete the production task of the refrigerator. Taizhou Youyi Technology Home Appliance Assembly Line Machine Processing and Manufacturing, Parts Supply, Equipment Installation Service


  • Suitable: Water heater

  • Assembly lines for Water heater

  •     Wall-mounted gas water heater assembly line, electric water heater assembly line, gas wall-hung boiler production line, wall-hung boiler assembly line, suitable for wall-hung boiler assembly production test packaging. The equipment adopts automatic conveying line with auxiliary assembly mechanism, detection and removal station, packaging butt transplanting machine, automatic packaging line. Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Household wall-hung boiler, electric water heater automatic production line equipment