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  • Suitable: Car & SUV

  • Assembly lines for Car & SUV

  •     Automated equipment for CAR & SUV assembly production, including SKD and CKD.The SKD assembly line produced by our company has simple operation and convenient maintenance, and can assemble multiple models in one line.The CKD production line is suitable for mass production of models of the same platform, with high production efficiency and suitable for Users with certain manufacturing capabilities.Car production line improves production efficiency and product quality.


Vehicle Production line(SKD & CKD) -  Suitable for assembly SUV, car,pickup, light truck, heavy truck, bus, motorcycle, electric vehicle, etc. 

  • Suitable: Motorcycles

  • Assembly lines for Motorcycles

  •     Motorcycle assembly line with simple operation and convenient maintenance.Motorcycle assembly line, motorcycle automatic assembly line: two - wheel motorcycle assembly line, two - wheel agricultural motorcycle production line, high-end motorcycle assembly line. Motorcycle assembly line is composed of automatic transmission line, supporting auxiliary institutions, electrical control and other components, assembly production electronic management system.


  • Suitable: Pickup

  • Assembly lines for Pickup

  •     Pickup assembly line, Since the pickup adopts a non-load-bearing body and has an independent frame and chassis, the production line is generally arranged in a T-shape, that is, the interior assembly line and the chassis assembly line are parallel, and then merge into the final assembly line. In addition, there are also an engine subassembly line and a rear axle. Sub-assembly line and instrument panel sub-assembly line or sub-assembly station.


  • Suitable: Light truck & Heavy 

  • Assembly lines for Light truck & Heavy

  •     Light truck and heavy truck assembly line, chassis production line, cab assembly line, powertrain assembly line, final assembly production line, rear bucket assembly line. Our company produces all kinds of light truck and heavy truck assembly production line equipment, suitable for SKD and CKD production methods, convenient operation and simple maintenance , Suitable for mass production of light and heavy trucks.


  • Suitable: Bus

  • Assembly lines for Bus

  •     The bus assembly line is composed of bus chassis assembly line, bus compartment production line, bus interior assembly line, and assembly line. It is suitable for the production of various buses, long-distance buses, school buses, sightseeing buses, tourist buses, etc. Taizhou Youyi automated production bus assembly line, heavy-duty conveying design, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.


  • Suitable: Tricycle

  • Assembly lines for Tricycle

  •     The tricycle assembly line consists of a tricycle chassis assembly line, a tricycle interior assembly line, a tricycle suspension conveyor line and a tricycle ground conveyor line. It is suitable for mass production and assembly of tricycles. Taizhou Youyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has a wealth of tricycle assembly line design and production capabilities to enhance product production Quality and improve production efficiency.


  • Suitable: Electrombile

  • Assembly lines for Electrombile

  •     The electric vehicle assembly line is composed of a plate-chain automatic conveyor line, tooling fixtures, top lighting, gas path, slide, hook, fan, process kanban, etc. The front end is equipped with a frame inversion line, and the equipment can be equipped with a hanging conveyor line next to it. Mainly suitable for pedal two-wheel electric vehicles.


  • Suitable: ATV

  • Assembly lines for ATV

  •     ATV assembly line, ATV automated assembly line, suitable for ATV assembly production, including automatic conveying line, station auxiliary equipment, adjustable tooling fixtures, offline automatic docking lifting platform, equipment general control, material call system, integrated touch screen . It is suitable for the automatic assembly line of all kinds of ATVs and off-road motorcycles. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and flexibility.